Hey everyone,

So we finished our 2nd round of obedience. Judge did really well! Itís paying of both in the ring, at home and away from home. His come hereís are surprisingly working really well! This surprises me a lot as the breed isnít really known for its recall lol. His stays have been the MOST trying parts which again surprised me as he is pretty lazy. You would think after doing lap after lap in a circle around a ring all you would want to do is sit or lay down and take a breather for a couple minutes! Noooope not Judge heíd rather get up and go sniff a traffic cone or go see one of his classmates and be the BIGGEST distraction EVER.

His tested score for the heeling commands was great! He only had 2 points taken away. I was extatic as last time he pulled me all around the ring and we had 11 points taken away.. so vast improvement for sure. He failed both his stat tests. I was hoping for at least 1 of them to be a pass but oh well just more room for improvement the trainer said if he had passed both his stay tests he would have been considered advanced class as he would have had a 198/200.

All in all I am super glad I decided to do obedience with Judge. It gets us out of the house, social and productive. I would definitely suggest anyone taking a class if you have a descent trainer and can afford it.