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    Default When Ya Can't Take Them Anywhere...

    Our almost-3-year-old, Jack, is a shelter rescue. He was 10 months when we got him. He was fixed and had his shots shortly after that. Shots will come due soon and he will need a grooming - desperately.

    The problem is deep seated abandonment issues that prevent us from getting him into the car. He'll go out in the fenced-in yard, no problem, but no way he's getting into a vehicle. He won't get into a tub either, which is really curious because as soon as it rains, he'll drag us to the door to open it for him - he has to be out running in the rain. But no bath, no way.

    Nails, ears, and a bath have to be done. The situation is getting desperate. And we can't do any of it. He resists. Firmly, but mildly. He doesn't become an attack dog or anything dramatic like that - he simply pulls away and just isn't going to have any part of it.

    Unfortunately, I am seeing no alternative but sedation. It has to be done once and only once. Hopefully he will change his attitude toward all of it with one experience and allow it the next time. The dog has to be maintained. Sedation is an absolute last resort for anybody, I'm sure, but we have truly reached the point of that being the only option.

    So here's the problem: the vet is going to say "no sedative until I see the dog." And we will say "No seeing the dog until he's sedated." Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Has anybody else found an alternative to all this?

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    yes....our vet asks us to mildly sedate Rudy before a visit (she's seen him before & knows how strong & reactive he can be)

    so we give him Trazadone before we go in...2 100mg. tablets 60-90 minutes before his doesn't "put him out" it just makes him mellow a bit

    the other thing you could try if your vet won't agree to the Trazadone, is will make Jack it does for can ask your vet the is usually 1mg per pound of weight....(you can ask your vet about the dosage they recommend) I wouldn't self medicate until you talk to a professional...even if it's another vet's office

    I give it to my dogs if they have been stung, it takes down the swelling & makes them lethargic...Rudy is 80 pounds, but I usually start with a small dose to see his reaction first

    let us know how things work out for you & Jack!

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