Ok. I am a new poster... We have two GPs. We’ve had them since they were 8 weeks old. They are now 18 mos old. They are sisters. I admit I was one of those people who read and read and read abt GPs prior to getting them but also told aka lied to myself that ‘ours wouldn’t behave that way ‘. We are trying not to give up on them which many folks do and why there’s so many in shelters but we are growing weary.

Problem 1. We’ve resorted to putting them in a 25x80 ft chain length ‘run’ but I hate them not being in our 15 ac grassy pasture... where we originally wanted them to be with our goats and mini donkey. They always escape and harass neighbors (bc they don’t know their boundaries and bark in the neighbors back yard at 330AM, chase their chickens and corner their horses... all Different neighbors who prob don’t like us very much right now). Any tips on fencing or keeping them in on a larger scale? I read mixed opinions on electric fences/shock collars etc. I know they are prone to wander but I need them to stay on our property. The pasture is so large I never know where or how they escape. I think it is always digging though. We do have barbed wire at the top of our 4x4 square type fencing. Need tips for keeping them contained without having to keep them in the run they are in... it seems like doggie jail to me.

Problem 2. They fight like wolves at feeding time. And just like when they get out and wander do not listen when I try to break them up. I feed them in separate locations but alpha always goes from her bowl to her sister’s bowl and bullies her til she doesn’t eat much.

Neither are spayed yet. That’s on the list soon. Our vet wanted to wait til they were older. I wonder if that will calm them down?

Any info would be appreciated!

H&H Mom.