Several years ago we went to visit an alpaca farm and my oldest daughter fell in love with the gentle giant dogs that were guarding them. 4 years ago when we decided to add dogs to our family there weren't any of this breed near by so we added an Australian Shepherd, Ali with tons of behavior and fear issues many from being taken away from her mom too early. Luckily with lots of love and training she is a great dog now. My husband had always wanted a Husky so when a litter was put up for adoption He picked the biggest and laziest out of the batch and we luckily ended up with a 90 pound dog that acted much more like a Malamute than a husky. Once Hugo was about a year old he showed signs of being emphatically attached to our oldest daughter with Autism and we started training him to be her therapy/around the house service dog. He would make her get up and get dressed, remind her when it was time to wash the dishes, make her take baths, and help her with meltdowns and much more. Unfortunately he started having seizures last summer and over time they escalated to multiple grand mal seizures several times a week and the meds were not helping. So a month ago we had to say goodbye.

We knew Ali needed a doggy companion to be happy so we started the search for a new addition to our family. We found a breeder of Great Pyrenees 2 hours away. He only had a boy puppy left but said he was very people friendly and was left behind because he was a boy and the rest of the litter was girls. We took the chance and drove two hours to meet the puppy and it was instant love. My oldest daughter picked him up and he curled up in her arms and licked her. He spent the two hour trip home curled between my two daughters in the back seat and would only pop his head up if we hit a bump on the road.

Felix has now been in our home for two weeks. At 9 weeks when we took him to the vet for his first check up he weighed 20 pounds and I know he has grown even more in the week since then. Ali is adjusting well to the new puppy in the house and is teaching him bite suppression and proper play etiquette without being over aggressive towards him. Of course we do not trust them to be left alone with each other yet. Felix is doing well with potty training and only having a couple of accidents a day. We immediately put him in puppy training class and he is doing well there. This week he was star puppy because he came, sat, and laid down on command for the teacher. When we first got him he wanted to chew on the furniture but with toy redirection he has stopped.

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ID:	9663The main behaviors we are currently dealing with are being a bit bitey to humans and not wanting to go outside to potty. He will go potty once he is outside but it takes lots of coaxing to get him to the door.