We got Obi about 7 weeks ago, heís now 15 weeks old. The last couple weeks heís been scratching a lot, itís gotten worse the last few days. He is a very ticklish dog, he starts kicking his leg and scratching when I pet him almost anywhere but behind the ears, so sometimes it seems like he just canít stop kicking his leg. But lately he scratches until he starts whining. He now has scabs under his front legs, on the inside of his front legs, and on his chest. And heís caused some thinning almost bald spots on his head.
Heís shedding like crazy right now, he was brushed Thursday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, and I vacuumed my floors last night, and today (Wednesday), I have chunks of hair throughout my house. So, Iím pretty sure heís blowing his puppy coat. Iíd like to think heís just scratching a lot because he has so much loose hair on him making him itch, but this seems pretty excessive. Has anyone had a puppy scratch so bad when blowing his coat that they caused scabs and bald spots?
So, first thought when a dog is scratching is, of course, fleas. Heís not on any flea medication yet because the vet didnít have anything for puppies on hand, I usually try to take a natural approach to things like this, but I realize that that might not be an option with a dog and flea prevention. So any suggestion to prevent or get rid of fleas naturally that worked would be great, or things youíve tried that havenít worked, so I donít waste my time on them. Now, Iím not convinced itís fleas even though heís not on medication yet. I havenít seen a single flea on him, although with his thick long fur itís hard to check, I need to get a flea comb still. I got ďOnly Natural all in one flea remedy powderĒ to use on him in the mean time, and the scratching has continued to get worse. So is it fleas and that stuff isnít working, or is it something else and the powder is drying his skin or just making him itch. I bathed him about 2 1/2 weeks ago, about a month after his last bath. So, I wouldnít think heís have dry skin from that. But the soap shouldíve killed any fleas, and itís been worse since then. So fleas, or not, I donít know.
Could it be an infection in his skin or an allergy, environmental or food related. I began switching him to a grain free food on Sunday, and the itching is worse now than it was before, but it still seems like itís just been slowly progressing. If itís environmental allergies, what can I do to make him stop itching, or soothe the itching.
He just seems miserable and I wish I could make him feel better, but I donít know whatís causing the problem. He has a vet appointment next Tuesday for his last round of puppy shots, so Iíll be able to get an opinion from the vet then. Iíd like to take him now, but we really canít afford to take him to the vet twice in a week. I need to do something for him this week so he doesnít cause any more sores or bald spots.
Any chance this is only because of him blowing his coat, and if so, is there anything I can do for him to soothe the itching.