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Thread: Nail biting

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    Default Nail biting

    The last month or so Zeke has started biting at his nail, usually the same one each time. It can happen at random times during the day, but lately seems to be in the morning when he's awake and waiting for us to wake up, 530 am or so. He sleeps in our room with us, and when he wakes up he'll start biting on one of his nails. Loud enough it wakes me up. During the rest of the day, he may do it randomly 5 or 10 minutes here and there, but nothing real continuos.

    When he first started doing this, I looked all over his paw pads and nails to see if anything looked like it was bothering him and found nothing, the Vet couldn't find anything either.

    He has his nails trimmed every 4 weeks or so, and has had them trimmed during this phase and hasn't changed the habit.

    Is this just a bored/nervous habit like humans have or something else? Anyone ever have any similar issue?


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    If its alright I will respond by saying I had a dog that also did that. Vet checked and I checked. No problems. Nails looked good and were trimmed correct. Vet said it was similiar to human behavior. A habit. I called it a nervous tick. I have heard and seen dogs do it until their toes are raw and red from it. I would say as long as it isnt going that far, its probably a habit, self soothing or nervous tick. I would offer a toy or a bone to get attention away from toes. It worked at times so maybe boredom? He would take item and forget about toes. Maybe you could try that if it is bothersome.

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