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    Default Safety Warning

    My youngest brother called me the other night and told me a horror story/safety warning. His son's girlfriend was riding on the toll road in Austin and had her year old chocolate lab with her. Now this girl works in an animla hospital and her mother is a vet. Hannah had the rear window down about 4" so the dog could get his nose, but not his head out.

    Somehow he got his paw on the window button thing, the window went down and he jumped out. Hannah stopped at once and ran back towards him. He had gotten up and was standing there on the side. Luckily very little traffic. Suddenly he just leaped over the guard rail--and they were 40 feet up on a bridge. The fall killed the dog.

    Hannah has no idea why he jumped. She had been running towards him screaming his name. Perhaps he was severely injured and in such pain and just trying to get away from it, perhaps the occasional passing cars scared him, perhaps head injury and he thought he was going towards her. No way of knowing.

    She is totally blaming herself, said she should have had the child lock set on the rear windows but she had never thought about this happening, had never heard of it happening. And truthfully, it had never occurred tome either. We also put window down about 4" for Sir Moose to get his nose out, but Jerry has always had the child lock on. Sir Moose can't open or close a window or door in the back seat.

    I reported this warning on a golden retriever forum and one on there had their dog almost choke3 to death when it got the window up. Just wanted to tell all of you about this incase you are like me and never thought about such a thing happening.
    Jerry and Moose

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    What a terrible accident!

    Sending lots of good energy to your nephew and his girlfriend during this unimaginably difficult time!
    Sebastian is on Facebook!

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