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    Default 5 month old rolls on back, bears teeth then nips

    Hi - We have a sweet 5 month old we recently adopted. She is sweet. However, she will roll on her back from time to time in what looks like her wanting a belly rub and play, but her eyes then get wild, she bears teeth and then nips at us. It is scary. We firmly say no and then walk away to ignore her. This has not helped. Can anyone lend a helping hand? Thx, B

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    Welcome Djblue & new pup

    couple of this your first puppy? is this your first Pyrenees? how much exercise does she get?

    what you are describing seems to me to be normal puppy behavior...."play with me"
    just like a baby, they use their mouths for everything...including playing...and they teeth as try knotting a cloth, wetting it, freezing it & giving it to her to play with...maybe you could join in & toss it for her, make her "chase" it...make it a fun game...

    and speaking of making it fun...have plenty of toys to give to her when she wants to use you as a chew toy...redirect her...give her a toy....and a very happy voice.."Good Girl'!!!

    play with her, tire her out, teach her manners in a calm & patient way...always a happy voice...they don't come have to nurture, guide & help her to become the best girl she can possibly be

    and her name is??

    Nancy & Rudy

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    I agree with Nancy that what you describe sounds like puppy play. Rolling over is like the least threatening way to invite play. But without actually seeing what you mean, we can't say for certain what your pup is trying to convey.

    Here is a pic of my 20 month old pup on his back during a walk. Sorry this one is blurred but it's the one showing him baring his teeth. His teeth were bared to snap at my hand if I reached down toward him. He rolled on his back because he didn't want to walk anymore and was deliberately making it very difficult for me to get him up. If I tried to get him up by reaching down, in additional to teeth, he was fully prepared to kick me with all four of his giant feet. But this was totally in play, without any aggressions whatsoever. Granted, he's big enough to cause damage with his big teeth and big feet, but that would not be because of aggression, just sheer size of him. This happens pretty much everyday with him.

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