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    Default Potty training - 16 weeks

    Hello everyone,

    Our nearly 16 week old GP is a wonderful, loving and playful member of our household. Nipping behaviors have improved significantly, and our 9 year old daughter is finally able to play with her indoors and out with no tears or meltdowns. She is whip smart and nails every single lesson we work on in training. We have taken her every week to puppy socialization classes, adhere to NILIF training, and I have faithfully read and shared lessons from Dr. McConnell's books with my family. She gets nice long leash walks, plenty of training, and we use positive reinforcement only training techniques. We also do crate training at night which works very well. My husband is a stay at home dad so she is left for only very short time periods during the day (she's crate during these periods, at most 2 hours at a time). She has only peed in the crate twice.

    Since we got her at 7 1/2 weeks old we have been working on potty training. I have read many books and articles for tips... we take her outside every 1-2 hours, of course every time she wakes up from a nap, after playtime, and after water intake (since we do NILIF, it's hard to time her BM's of course). It is going #1 and #2, but even more trouble with #1 (likely bc she just has to go #1 more often). We use an enzymatic cleaner and it not necessarily always the same place she is going. She is supervised 24/7 when not in the crate. When she goes, we use startle (but not scare) techniques to interrupt her, and sometimes she does pause and then we can have her finish her business outside. Sometimes she is just too quick for us! We never yell at her, never "rub her nose in it" or anything akin to that whatsoever. She gets regular vet check ups every month. The vet does not think she has a UTI or anything, and everyone we speak to from vet to trainers just suggest the same tips and ideas that I've outlined above...

    Main question for this group, is this Pyr stubbornness? Any recommendations on if this is just something we still need to work on, perhaps she's still on the young side, she'll grow out of this? Any "typical" age for GPs to be successfully housetrained? We love her very much and this is not causing any real strain on our household or anything at this point, but I'd just like to get a sense of if this is "normal." I always had Golden Retrievers growing up which were extremely easy to train in general, including potty training, so perhaps this is just normal behavior.

    Generally speaking, she is calm most of the time but definitely has her excited puppy moments, especially in the evening. She is stubborn as all get out but fortunately highly food motivated which works well for training (and yes, I definitely use this in potty training too along with taking her to the same spot every time, verbal cues etc.) We have tried bells... which she loved... and took to ripping them off the door and carrying around the house at all hours! Dear husband has said, no more bells.

    On the positive side, I have to share a great story about our sweet girl... last week, we were walking in the neighborhood and a neighbor adult dog who was unleashed and unsupervised ran up to us, barking loudly and exhibiting perhaps aggressive behavior, owner nowhere in sight. I became scared for Arti and myself, unsure of what would happen. Somehow Arti knew just what to do, she stepped between us and with confident but calm body language did some sort of magical sniffing thing and totally defused the situation, not so much as a growl or snap between them. I think all of the socialization and training are really paying off! She sniffs and is sweet with dogs and people of all kinds, is even good with nervous doggies and we have friends who have dogs who are fearful of other pups use Arti like a training doggy. She loves to play with big and playful dogs, but if a dog is nervous and exhibiting fear aggression totally backs off until fearful doggy is up for a butt sniff, and Artemis will let them go for it until they become friendly. We interacted with a baby in a carriage for the first time today, it was calmest I have ever seen her, she gave just the gentlest of all sniffs and was completely calm... everyone was amazed (including me!), haha. I'm so proud of our little girl. I would just be even more proud if she stopped leaving little bits of her business all over our floor!

    Sorry for the long post, thanks in advance for any rays of hope!

    ~Arti's Mom
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arti’s Mom View Post
    It is going #1 and #2, but even more trouble with #1 (likely bc she just has to go #1 more often). is this Pyr stubbornness? Any "typical" age for GPs to be successfully housetrained?
    Potty training is an individual dog thing. Some get it quickly, some don't. In general pups are reliably potty trained by the time they are about 6 months - that applies to all breeds. Some will take longer than 6 months but that's not as common.

    Arti's only 4 months, that's really young to expect her to have full control of her bladder and bowel. It's perfectly normal that she's having a few accidents. Just keep working with her, she should be improving as the days go on and by the time she's 6 months she should be pretty reliable.

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    I guess I was one of the lucky ones... I had Wiley (mostly) house broken in a couple of weeks. I used the potty bells at the back door. We had to monitor his body language pretty closely... whenever he started circling, we grab him & run for the door. I'd ring the bells & say "OUTSIDE"... and take him out. We'd always praise him & give him treats to reward the behavior. Sure, there were still occasional accidents after that... usually when we were not paying attention. The only down side was that he started using the bells EVERY time he wanted to go outside... potty or not... which is very annoying at 3 AM.

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