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    Default New House--sort of

    I have used the computer so little in the past couple of months I have almost forgotten how to use it. After Hurricane Harvey hit last Aug. 26, we were thrilled that the only dmamge we had was loss of many limbs, our wooden fence was down, a hole in our patio roof where a limb fell on it, and trash out the wazoo in our yard. Called the insurance guy out to check our roof, and it was fine, thanks to having the hurricane roof put on after a hail storm a few years ago.

    Well, in late Jan. the contractor working on the house next door came over to talk to Jerry who was watching the work and he leaned against our garage wall and jumped back. The wall had moved inwards some. He checked the brick walls on all 3 sides, and all were the same way. He said that many of the houses built before the current hurricane code had either had the bricks peel off or had loosened the wall. We had seen several houses just in our neighborhood with bricks all off the wall and laying on the ground next to the wall. Something about the downforce of the wind.

    We called in a 2ed contractor to double check and agreed with Mike. Also as they were checking out the inside of the house for any cracks, etc they noticed our fireplace was pulled out about 1/2" from the wall.
    We had a fire laid for that night and they told us DO NOT US THE FIREPLACE. Later I called our oldest son and was telling him the 2ed contractor had agreed with the first. I just mentioned they told us not to use the fireplace and Ron said "It is loose from the wall isn't' it." Asked him how he knew and he said he said on news that several houses had caught in fire becaue the fireplace was pulled loose and embers got in insulation.

    Called our insurance and it was almost 2 weeks before anyone could get out and meet our contracgtor here. This was a Wed. The next day I got e-mail saying our claim was approved and a week later the check arrived. Once it got here we went to the stone/brick place over in Corpus and picked out native white Austin stone for the outside of the house and a tan/light brown stone for the fire place. It had been a red, with an ugly mantle. Jerry and I looked at at least 100 mantles and both picked the same one, a rustic looking one we thought would look good on the brownish stone.

    I had planed dwarf holly long the front of the house 25 years ago and it made a beautiful 2 foot tall hedge (I kept it cut like that) that I put orange lights on at Halloween, colored at Christmas. Also have a large bush in the one corner that LSO was done in orange lights at Halloween, colored at Christmas. Well. we had to cut the holly back to "nubbins" so they could get the brick off and stone on. I cvut back the bush but onme of the kids didn't think it was enough and he mutilated it. The contractor apologized for it. Looks okay from the street, but horrible from the sides. Our house was brick on the front and sides and Hardie PLank (or board) on the back. We have 5 windows on the brick sides and front and 5 on the Hardi plank side. All athe windows on the brick walls rattled and had to be replaced, and by the new code, had to be replaced with hurricane windows. Had to wait 5 weeks for them to come in, such a back order at Lowes.

    Meanwhile while all this work was going on, I started paitning on the inside. I got the kitchin and dining, entry hall and livingroom done. That was the hardests as we hav 12 foot vault ceiling in there. Still have to do the back hall, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, but at least no more having to go up high on a ladder. The walls had bee an off white with matching woodwork, but we have gone a a very pale tan and a few shades darker tan woodwork. Thank goodness for fast drying paint as Sir Moose likes to lay up next to walls and furniture.

    I had had those cement scalloped deals around that bed with the holly in it, but we moved them and make pured a 6" deep trench of dement and went dry, mortared left over white stones. Four of my holly bush came back beautifully and are really sprouting and I bought 3 more to replaced the ones that didn't make it. Then 13 bags of white marble stone and filled the bed around the holly. Actually need to get 3-4 more. It looks really nice, but our yard is pitiful. The pallets of stone were delivered a week early and with delays etc, the grass under them suffered. Also, stone had to be cut and that white dust coated everything. I have been watering heavily and can see some improvement after less than a week.Click image for larger version. 

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    Jerry and Moose

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    You sure have been busy! So glad you figured out the problem before there was more trouble. It looks really nice!

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    Oh my goodness!!

    Just reading your post & all the improvements you are making makes me tired!!1

    Hope you can all sit back, relax & enjoy the results!


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