Okay, so not Pyr related.....well he does live with a Pyr!

About 2 1/2 years ago we went to "look at" a puppy that had been advertised as a "Mini Australian Shepherd"....one look at him & we knew there was nothing "mini" about him....and that a breeder would never advertise a "mini Australian Shepherd"...as the breed is known as "Mini American Shepherd"

We kept on wondering what was really in his DNA....and then SebastiansMom told us about Sebastians DNA test...so I ordered one for Dasher....

Results are in.....50% Border Collie....25% Australian Shepherd & 25% Herding, Sighthound & Hound. they did have a category for a mini, but apparently none showed up!

The other reason I liked this DNA test, was that not only do they have specific herding breeds listed that they test for, but they also do a health screen on the MDR1.....that is "multiple drug reaction" test...which he is clear of! And many other health related tests.

No matter what he is or isn't...he's our sweet boy!
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