Latte is about 13 months old, and for the past 2-3 months she has been wanting to be outside ALL the time. She is happy enough when she is inside, but whenever she is let outside she just wants to stay out there indefinitely. When I open the door to call her inside, she "forgets" all of her obedience commands, and when she sees me start to approach her she will lie down and roll over! When I really need her to come inside (i.e., we have to leave the house), I now have to pull her into a standing position, clip her leash onto her collar, and lead her inside. She still resists this much of the time.

She can't be left outside while we are gone because of barking and the possibility that someone will open the gate and let her out (meter reader, neighborhood kid, someone up to mischief, etc). And now that the weather is getting warm (we live in Texas, and it will soon be HOT), I worry about her overheating out there with that thick coat of hers (she does always have fresh water inside and outside).

Her favorite thing to do is to sit under a tree or the trampoline and watch for people and dogs walking by on the other side of the fence. Is this what Great Pyrs do? Is this their guarding behavior?