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    Default do I need to worry yet? 8 wo F Great Pyr

    Two days ago I picked up a 8 week Great Pyr puppy (F) from a breeder that kept the pups and mom in the stall of a barn (that even as a messy farmer - I was disturbed) The great Pyr parents live with and protect sheep and poultry at his farm.

    Mom and pups are feed raw chicken - possibly only meaty bones (drumsticks are what I was given but need to figure out full diet still.) Yesterday I was concerned (now - VERY concerned) she's not eating enough, and her weight seems wrong for the age and breed. (8 weeks, 8 lbs, 3.2oz) She also seemed to be the largest and most active of the litter.

    I've continued offering her raw drumsticks and she works on them - but hasn't eaten that much. Also offered what I thought was the best dry feed (from Petco - Dogs unleashed), but am hearing its not appropriate for pups (28% protein, 10% fat). Nevertheless, she's eaten only ~4 oz of it in 36 hrs. She's also only eaten 1.5 large drumsticks in 48 hrs and 1 raw egg. She liked the egg, so I put another on the dry food, but she go for it. In the first 24 hrs I calculated she consumed 500 kcal. Now the 2nd 24 hrs - its less.

    My understanding is that the parents don't see a vet (just for rabies vaccine ) and the pups have not and have had no medication (deworming). I had planned to do this in a week or so. But now am concerned there may be an urgent situation.
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