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    Quote Originally Posted by lisa1014 View Post
    Hi Jewel, We have been showing him he cant grab our food,jump on furniture,grab food off table,and when we say NO firmly,he listens. He is with me and my boyfriend most of the time,so I figured obviously he would take to us more,but I noticed he is somewhat standoffish with mom,but he has been letting her pet him since day 1,just not going out of his way to be around her.. I truly in my heart think someone hurt him with some sort of resemblance to Mom... I did separate him from Mom last night as soon as this happened..I put him on lead outside and Mom went out the door and tried to talk to him from a distance..He kinda wagged at her,but not as much as he does me or my boyfriend.. We are so upset by this... Thanks for your help,Lisa
    Ok, everything you said about him paints a very different picture of him than what you seem to think of him. I think the probability that he was abused by an elderly person is not high. I think it's more likely that he's being a bully at your mom. From what you described, he's been bold enough to try to grab food from you, take food off the table and jump on furniture. It's to the point you are having to give him firm verbal corrections to stop him. This suggests that the dog seems to be bold and assertive. A dog with that type of personality is also more prone to be a bully, particularly with this breed.

    Has your mom also been correcting him from undesirable behavior like you and your BF have been doing? If not, then it's possible he's taking a higher position than her and he's telling her what she can and cannot do.

    When you said "he kinda wagged at her", do you recall exactly where his tail position was? Was his tail tucked low when he wagged at your mom? Was his head low along with his tail? A tail wag can actually be an assertive challenge depending on the position of the tail, position of the head and body, and the speed of the wag. Just because a dog is wagging its tail doesn't mean the dog is being friendly. Sometimes a tail wag is actually a warning that, if not heeded, would be followed by aggressive action. This is why people often claim there was no warning because the dog was friendly and wagging its tail then suddenly it attacked. The tail was giving warning, people just don't know how to read it.

    If he is being a bully, I would reiterate that you need to put him on NILIF as a starter. NILIF isn't likely to solve your issues, but it's one way to instill boundaries. Simply correcting him after he's done something undesirable is not the proper way to teach him what you expect of him. The key is to not let him engage in the undesirable behavior in the first place.

    I think that it sounds like you are unable to read his body language accurately. If you are not able to do that, you will not be able to address his issues in the appropriate way. It would be best if you work with a professional who actually knows about behavior modification.

    Again, however, given his size and your mom's age, rehoming him would not be an unreasonable option.

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    Apologies for not reading through everything. I am really jet lagged and not feeling well. LGD have very high pain tolerances and it is easy for them not to show health problems until a very high amount of pain. I would take your pyr in for a physical.

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    I hope you are feeling better sooon!! Thank You!!

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