Apparently Sir Moose knows many languages. He has long been friends with the horse on the street behind us. There is a large pasture on the street 4 behind us and it has several goats in it. One day we were taking Sir Moose for a ride and pulled over so he could see the goats. We put the rear window down and he stat there in the back seat watching them for a few minutes, and then suddenly started making "weird" noses, and those goats came up to the fence. We joked that he had called them to the fence.

On the next side street is another very large pasture with about a dozen cows in it. Normally they are on the back side of the pasature in the woods. But the other day we took Sir Moose for ride and they were closer to the fence. Pulled over, put the window down, Sir Moose started making noises, and darn if two cows with calves and a large black Angus bull didn't come right up to the fence. We sat there with mouths open. He makes weird nosies and goata and cattle come...the horse comes when he sees Sir Moose coming. "Pears we have a dog of many talents, or langueasges I gues. Seems he speaks fluent "goat" and fluent "cow" and "fluent" horse. LOL