About 5-6 weeks ago Sir Moose had a bad ear infection. The vet flushed out his ears and then gave him antibiotic injection and gave me a tube of stuff to put in his ears. In just a couple of days his ears were not bothering him any more.

Then last weekend he started shaking his head, and I mean every couple of minutes. It seemed strange that we could mess around with his ears and he didn't' pull away, but still figured it was ear infection returned.

Got him to the vet--and his ears were clean and no sign of infection. But it seemed his face was itching as he would paw at it. My vet determined it was allergy. Now, we adopted him 3 1/2 years ago and he had never had a hint of allergy. But the tech found a little flea "dirt" down by his tail (and it ishard to find anything thru that thick double coat). Two years ago we thought our golden retriever had picked up some fleas as she was scratching, tho we found no sign of them. We gave both dogs Bravecto tablets--and she had seizure short time alter, and in fact had 3. We have never really had a problem with fleas since we have lived here despite having dogs all around us.

But since it seems Sir Moose had never had fleas, and he gets some and gets an allergy at the same time, it seems probable that he is allergic to fleas.