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    Default How do you keep your dog clean in between baths?

    I understand that we are only supposed to bathe our dogs about once per month. I don't know if I ever strictly followed that rule with any of my previous dogs, but I do want to do what is best for her coat and skin. However, our backyard has a few very shady areas where grass will not grow (hence, lots of dirt), and Latte just loves to lie in the dirt, especially as the weather gets warmer and she digs holes to lie in and cool herself off. We are also about to enter the rainy season, so those areas with no grass will become sloshy mud pits (and lots of fun for her, I am sure!).

    So how do you keep your Great Pyr clean in between baths? Is brushing sufficient? I keep a package of baby wipes near the back yard to wipe muddy paws and nose before she comes inside. I also occasionally use a dry shampoo I made with cornstarch and lavender essential oil for when she needs "freshening up." Would this also dry out her coat too much like frequent shampooing? Any other tips? I just don't know that I'll feel she's really clean without frequent baths!

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    Lol, baths. Bath is a four-letter-word at our house unless I am going to soak myself in the tub to get away from my two for a few minutes. Their last bath was in August because our house-sitter and his girlfriend were feeling adventurous.

    When I first bought our house, the back yard had a thick, lush carpet of asiatic jasmine. Sebastian and Chester quickly got to work, and killed it ASAP. Until I finally get around to laying sod, our yard is a dirt farm - soon to be mud farm. Did I mention that thanks to this houseís previous owner, I also have light grey wall-to-wall carpet? Lucky me. Earlier this week, one of my roombas got so fed up with me that it threw itself down the stairs. I wish I were making that up.
    Truthfully, my dogs arenít really all that stinky that I can tell. When they do track dirt inside, itís far easier and less traumatic for everyone if I clean the dirt off of the floor than off of them. The lone exception to that is when someone steps in poop. Then, they are getting a foot bath whether they like it or not. Spoiler alert: they donít. Neither do I, for that matter.

    Honestly, if youíre bathing her once a month, she shouldnít be getting stinky. If she is, I would mention that to your vet.
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