oh my gosh....so glad that all are well & safe & the "crazy" is taken care of...he must have been a bit deranged, if he approach the huge intimidating Kangals!!!

Skipper looks like a great fit...we have always had Pyr & Aussies together....I was once told by my Pyr breeder it''s because they deal with the "stock" as a team...one herds while one guards

Angels seizures are down to 1 a month....manageable...the CBD oil only made her kind of lethargic...so we continue with traditional meds....we never expected her to make 11...she's well on her way to 12!!! We can see her slipping into the zone of her own little world....sleeping more, not hearing or seeing as well as she used to...however her appetite is good & she enjoys a little walk on the property & will even attempt to play with the other kids...

Hope you find some relief for your arthritis.....having birthdays is sure tough work!!!