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    Yay Jewel that's awesome news!!

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    Go team Ren!!!

    Jewel, since you have so much experience to guide him, I'll bet he's gonna be one of the best!

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    Ooooooh! Ru and Rona want to come!!! Rona is desperately trying to find a way to get up and walk on the big wall that Ru like to walk on. Still lacks a bit of coordination.
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    I love all of these stories! Jewel, I am so excited to see Ren follow in Bro and Bijouís footsteps! Mikel, if Pippa is anything like Sebastian, she will just seem to magically snap out of her bad habits one day. Of course, she wonít snap out of them all at once, but...

    The other day, Sebastian told me that he wanted to go outside. I opened the door to let him out, and sure enough, as soon as the door was open and he was taking off toward the fence, I saw the silhouette of a dog walking on the other side of the wood slats. Sebastian started trying to break the gate to get to the other dog, when I asked him if he would rather have a piece of chicken instead. He actually came running inside to get the piece of chicken! That was a pretty proud moment at our house!

    Sebastian is also pretty grossed out by Chesterís nasty poop-eating habit, and has developed a special bark to alert me to the fact that Chester is turd burgling again. Thatís also pretty pride-inducing!

    As for Chester, he has been making leaps and bounds of progress with his anxiety, especially his SA. He now chooses to hang out by himself in the front bedroom from time to time, when Sebastian and I are in my bedroom watching tv. Chester is also okay with me leaving at odd times of the day, as well as leaving more than once. Words canít describe how proud of him I am for learning to conquer his fears!
    Sebastian is on Facebook!

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    These are the best stories!! Zech isn't even 10 months so I have a long way to go but he makes me proud everyday...

    Sebastion's Mom & Snow the Pizza thing is too funny... I have let Zech become a fabulous beggar.. He's big enough now he'll come up next to me eating, sit real close and lay his head on the table nose almost touching my plate.... He hasn't stolen anything yet but... I had to stop that head on the table thing and teach him not to...
    Now he comes up the same way and instead of the table lays his head on my right forearm, usually holding a fork or spoon.. and then come the eyes... I am having a hard time telling him no on that one... I love the head on my arm thing...

    Jewel How exciting for Ren! I know you guys are going to be a great team..

    I am thinking Zech would do good in agility.. do they have dog barrel racing?

    OK here is Zech begging today for some of my lunch...
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