Letís face it: the behavior section of this forum can be a scary place. There are definitely some threads here that have kept me up at night. After all, people donít really ask questions when their dog is behaving well...

I thought it might be fun to tell stories about the times our dogs made us really proud of them. It could be something major, like passing the CGC, or something seemingly minor like choosing to be cooperative at a time you really werenít expecting them to.

Saturday, I was sitting at the table eating leftover pizza. The boys love when I eat pizza because they know that they are definitely going to get the crust. Halfway through my first slice, something got my attention and lured me away from the table for a moment. I came back to the table to find two dogs lying on the floor, and a plate full of pizza on the table. They could easily have taken the opportunity to steal my food, and they chose not to. Iím pretty proud of them.

Okay, now I want to hear your stories!