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    Default Concerns about anxiety?

    Our GP is now 7 months old. How far we’ve come! Some victories (she is very sweet and coming along with her obedience training, almost 100% potty trained), some things to work on (overly socialized, loves the kitchen towels).

    Question: my husband says I’m her “person,” even though he is home with her all day while I’m at work. Whenever I leave the room to parts of the house to which she doesn’t have access, she whines and lays by the entry/exit until my return. Is this a concerning behavior? Doesn’t seem to do this with my DH or our daughter.

    As FYI, Arti is a companion pet, not a worker. She otherwise has nerves of steel and is fearless, no other anxiety type behaviors either of us have ever seen. Sleeps through fireworks and yawns at snow plows!

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    could be she just likes to have all of her "flock' where she can see & protect...don't make a big deal about it with her (as I'm sure you're not)...and she will probably pass this stage just fine

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