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    Default Loose stool - changing food suggestions

    Hi everyone,

    Long time no talk. 2017 was a bad year for me and it ended not so well for our Pyr Toby either. In October we fostered a female pyr for the first time and she came to us with fleas. These fleas were resistant to both Frontline Plus and Advantix which we happened to have on hand. We quarantined her and gave her Nexgard which killed them. This kept the fleas off of Toby, but apparently we missed some of the eggs somewhere. She was only with us for 10 days before she was adopted to a great home. When the fleas eggs hatched later Toby got them bad. He got bad sores and couldn't stop itching. He was put on 3 weeks of antibiotics and prednisone as he's apparently allergic to the flea bites.

    All this to say that all this stress upset his stomach and he started having loose stool/diarrhea on a regular basis. We tried numerous time to put him on a chicken rice diet for a week and then slowly transition back to his regular kibble. Each time we tried it when he would get up to about half a cup of kibble with his chicken/rice he would start with loose stool again. This was 2.5 months after the prednisone/antibiotics were done.

    So this time we put him on chicken/rice and transitioned him to Hill's Prescription Diet ID. On this food his transition worked great and he's back to normal. Now we can't keep him on this as its major $$$$, so we're looking for something to put him on with limited ingredients. We're guessing he just became sensitive to the old food, Kirkland Signature Nature's Domain Grain Free.

    So has anything been through something similar where their dog's food started upsetting their stomach? If so, what did you end up feeding them that worked? Vet recommended Purina One, but I'm not a fan.

    Eric Finn

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    Eric, welcome back!

    I am so sorry that Toby had such a rough time with the Fleas. Sebastian also has a flea allergy, but from the sound of it, it is nothing like Tobyís. The fleas at our house are resistant to Frontline, as well, so itís Nexgard for us.

    Sebastian also has a sensitive stomach, so I have tried several different brands before finding what works best for him. He did well on Holistic Select, but he got sick of it after a while, and started refusing to eat it. Iím also not sure if they offer a grain-free formula.

    For the last few years, I have been feeding him Merrick Grain-free, and he has been thriving on it. Itís not exactly inexpensive (around $55 - $65 for a 25lb bag), but itís at least less expensive than the prescription diet. I usually alternate back and forth between the Buffalo and the Chicken formulas, but there are a lot of flavors to choose from.

    Hopefully, you will find the right food for him quickly!
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    I've gone through this with two dogs, one being Tyro. I think his case is extreme, as usual! For him, we needed to put him on a Kangaroo based formula (Zignature brand) since his issues seemed to be related to the protein source. For my other dog that developed issues, he had trouble with chicken and beef but not other proteins. He did well on fish, venison, turkey, etc.

    Since Toby is tolerating chicken and rice just fine and the Hill's prescription food which also contains chicken, I'd be wondering if he has a problem with the protein in his old food. I can't tell if it is a fish or turkey based food he was on. Other brands of LID food we used were Nutro and Natural Balance. I could not get any of my dogs to eat the Nutro but they were happy enough with the Natural Balance. I hope you can find something that will work for Toby. Flea allergy is a nightmare to deal with and hopefully he will not have to go through this again!

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    My Pyrenees had quite a sensitive stomach for several years after coming down with Parvo as a puppy. We also used the Hills Prescription Intestinal Diet with great success. At one time, I thought about switching and the nutritionist at the Vet recommended Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin formulation. I don't remember actually trying to switch her over to the Science diet, but she is now on a urinary diet. The transition was verrry slow. We actually failed one transition, but I tried again since the UTIs continued and went even slower which seemed to work.

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