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    Default 8yr old pyr bowel irregularities. Time for diet change?

    Hi everyone, my 8year old pyr Jasmine, since Iíve had since she was just about 10weeks is now having some issues with her stool. It is almost never solid anymore but gets better every now and then. This started about 6 months ago. Iíve taken her to the vet multiple times but they cannot find anything wrong and she is up to date on all her dewormer meds.

    Blue Wilderness Salmon or duck or chicken by Blue Buffalo is what Iíve fed her for her entire life. Does anyone recommend another food ? This is the only thing I can think of is that her body is reacting differently to the food or they changed up the recipe slightly.

    Any brand recommendations are truly appreciated.

    Thanks everyone in advance.

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    Welcome sorry that your girl is having these issues

    I have not fed the foods you mentioned, our dogs have always done well on Natures Domain from is grain free...and switching between "flavors" does not upset their systems

    If you do switch her food....remember to do it very gradually...over a week to 10 days

    You could also try her on a diet of boiled rice & chicken for awhile, then try introducing small amounts of what ever kibble you are going to use & see what happens (you may have already tried that)

    please let us know how she is doing

    Nancy & Rudy

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    My dogs have loose stool when fed anything from blue, I think it is a bit to rich. I feed mine Zignature limited ingredient, and also cook them a stew you can search for the recipe, it is called Spots Stew made by halo. I do change up the meat though.

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