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Thread: Barking

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    I am currently having issues with a neighbor. My Pyr, Bonney, is 6. We recently moved to a new state, and have 10 acres for her to run. At our old house, we were surrounded by state land and lumber land, and her barking didn't bother anyone. Now we have neighbors, one of which is really frustrated by her barking. I try not to leave her out too long, and don't let her out before 7am, or after dark.

    But she LOVES to bark. I think it's like singing to her. She barks at the wind, at birds, at animals. She goes out the door barking. Yesterday I went out and she was lying down and barking at nothing at the same time.

    This morning the neighbor visited again, with threats. Bonney has been labeled a disturber of the peace.

    Does anyone have thoughts about this? I don't think I can stop her from barking, but I can put her out less often.

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    Look up the laws in your area...

    If they have a certain curfew...and you & Bonney are abiding by those laws, then I don't understand how she can be labeled a "disturber of the peace"

    how close is this neighbor?
    is the neighbor home all she disturbing the neighbors

    sounds like your neighbor is trying to let you know that they are "disturbed"....however, do they have a solution that they would be willing to discuss?

    we are on 10 acres here in WA. state...Rudy goes out at 4 AM....and I have him in around 9 PM....he doesn't bark constantly, but he does bark...not one neighbor has come forward to say he has "disturbed" them in any way, and one neighbor is rather close.

    Ummm....isn't it a bit cold in Vermont right the heck is anyone actually hearing her bark if they are inside their home keeping warm?!!

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    Is there any way you can fence in a backyard area for her to potty/play/relax in? I think that could help you curb the excess barking, while keeping her away from potentially angry neighbors.

    I live in a suburban townhouse. Our yard is big enough for the dogs to run around in, but small enough that I can keep an eye on them from an adjacent room when they are outside. The rule at our house is that they have to ask in a relatively calm manner to go outside, and if Sebastian starts barking and does not quiet down quickly, they both have to come inside. It is totbe point now that when Sebastian starts barking, my non-Pyr, Chester starts walking toward the door to come inside.

    I use treats to get them to cooperate with my requests for them to come in. Every time they come inside, they get something - a cookie, a beefy treat, a piece of a jerky treat, something yummy. Sometimes, Sebastian needs some additional coaxing before he will cooperate, but it is very rare that I have to force the issue. If he is barking at a critter in a tree, or in a situation where he will be similarly less likely to listen to me, I offer him a higher value treat.

    When we are inside and he is nuisance barking, i redirect him with a treat. I keep treat jars strategically placed around the house, so that I can quickly have him sit. Once he is sitting quietly, he gets his treat.

    If he is barking to get my attention, he gets ignored. If he is alert barking, I walk to the window, acknowledge the “threat”, and thank him. Sometimes, I have to sing him a song to calm him down.

    In terms of dealing with your neighbor, I have found that people are more understanding about Sebastian’s barking when they know that I am aware it is a problem, and am working on a plan to lessen the impact his barking has on them. Before I bought our current house, we were in apartments. In those almost four years, I had one neighbor’s boyfriend knock on our adjoining wall one time.

    If you feel that your neighbor might be somewhat approachable, I would try bringing them some cookies/flowers/alcohol, and letting them know that you are sensitive to their concerns, and are working on a reasonable solution. The key word here is reasonable. Bonney is a dog, so it’s not realistic to expect her to be absolutely silent all day, every day. However, if she is at the edge of your property that meets your neighbor’s, barking non-stop for hours at a time, that’s not cool, either. There has to be a happy medium.

    If your neighbor was so angry that you’d rather not confront them face to face, I would try sending them an apology card - again letting them know that you are working on a reasonable solution to the issue.

    Sending you lots of good energy in the meantime!
    Sebastian is on Facebook!

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    OOOOOO OOOO I know what to do here!!!! My great pyr used to bark a lot. We did some research and found that the barking is part of their guarding instinct. We read that every time he barks at something, go look at it and say, "ok good boy". Rub his head and then walk away. He is alerting you about a "threat" when he barks. When you acknowledge it, he starts to learn what is normal and what is a "threat". Over time, he will reduce his barking as he learns his environment. My dog's barking has been reduced by 85-90%. He rarely barks anymore except at the train and a few new noises here or there. It takes patience and consistency, but you'll get there. Hope this helps!

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