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    Question What to do when going out of town?

    I have an almost one and a half year old great pyr. We live in town so he doesn't guard livestock or anything, basically an inside dog. With spring break and summer coming up I know we'll be going on some trips. I've heard boarding is very bad for them because of their guarding instincts. We have a friend that can visit and let him out in the morning and then for about an hour a day in the evening. We did this once overnight last month, we also had a camera to check in on him. It went well but he didn't eat until we came back so I'd feel awful doing that for an extended time especially because he'd be cooped up except for that hour a day. Last year we did some travelled by with him but he's bigger now and also still a puppy so he can be hard to control on a leash which can be scary sometimes and of course the barking. You never know if he'll be comfortable in hotel room or not. I just can't think of a good solution. Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    It really depends on the individual dog. Up until he was around 2 1/2, Sebastian loved to be around other dogs. I took him to daycare from time to time, so boarding him at his daycare facility was no big deal. He was thrilled when I would go out of town, and sad when I came to pick him up.

    As he matured, he stopped wanting to be around dogs he doesn’t know, and my other dog, Chester, has developed some major anxiety issues. When I go out of town now, I pay a family friend to come stay with them at my house while I am gone. That way, they can stay pretty close to a normal routine, which helps a whole lot with them.

    Before I leave, I have “Uncle K” come over a few times to give them brisket/remind them that it is okay for Uncle K to come over while I am gone. I also leave him very detailed instructions.
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