Kit has learned that she loves to headbutt me. I took her to the dog park a few weeks ago and I guess she was super happy and had so much fun. I told her it was time to go and started walking in the direction of the gate. She comes running and head butted and kicked my bum literally. Then she started a game of chase Kit. She would slow down and whenever I get close, she runs crazy fast. It takes a solid 10 min for me to catch her. Finally now during walks she tries to jump on my back or bounce off my thigh. She looks very pleased with herself afterwards. My husband says she has also gotten mouthy and would grab his pants. I think it is the crazy cold front. This winter has been very cold here. I know the weather can make your dog act out but does your pyr do this? Passerbyers think it is hilarious but it gets really embarrassing and a pain in the ass. Maybe when she hits two, she’ll behave better? The head butting behavior has me pretty worried because she does a running jump and leaps into me. She has knocked me over twice already. I know she does this to her brother Lucky who does it to her but how do I teach her that you can’t do that to people.