We had that 4" of snow on Dec. 8, a total surprise for the Texas coast. The very next day I was put in hospital with mild stroke (TIA) and spent 4 days there. I was so far behind that I didn't spend any time on compute, baking, candy making, shopping, gift wrapping. Had the boys & families over Christmas Eve for sandwiche, chips & dips, all kinds of little appetizers, and we hd a great time.

I hd assembled most of my casserole, made potato slad, had cornbread made for dressing, etc and Christmas orning I threw th turkey in to cook and then filled the oven with the different casseroles, made 2 kinds of fruit salad. Ha made a pecan pie, a pumpkin pie, a mixed berry cheesecake and a butterfinger pie the day before. After dinner we cleaned up kitchen and then started opening gifts. With 11 people and eceryone getting at least 18 gifts (between us and the kids) we spent a while opening gifts. I had not been hungry at dinner and just picked a little. Didn't feel bad, just not hungry. About 7:00 that night everyone heated up plate of left overs and all I had was a small bowl of fruit salad nd sliver of pumpkin pie. And hour later it came up. I had startd coughing my head off. Well, I didn't keep anything down Tuesday or Wednesday and ended up going to hospital on wed. 27th. I was admitted and diagnosed with a light case of pneumonia, a severe cae of bronchitis, and possible a flare of COPD tho I had never been diagnosed it. Had a bad attack of bronchitis 4 1/ years ago Oh, they gave me an injection in the ER and I was never sick at my stomach again.

Because I was on floor where there was a lot of flu and pneumonia, I told my family NOT to come to the hospital. they had me on oxygen as my oxygen level would drop into the 80's when not on it, 3 different antibiotics by IV drip, steroids both in pill and in my respetory treatment, allergy pills (don't know why, I have n allergies), pills to make sure all the meds I was takking was not messing with stomcach. had pushed bags of iv thru me due being dehydrated.

I was in a catch 22. They said I needed steroid to combat my congestion. But they made my blood sugar and blood pressure soar. Normla BP for me is 90 to about 110 over 60-70. There it would go to over 200 over like 95 and I would have to have in injection to bring it down. One night my blood sugar was a little over 400 at 10:00. they don't give my pills in hospital, but given insulin injections. At 10:00 I got the dose that was to bring it down, and 5 hours later it was 31 and I was in a pool of water and hardly able to get wokeup and eat. Crazy, huh?

I got tocome hom on Jan.5 and doing so much better now that I am home in nice warm house (almost froze to death in hospital) and have jerry and Sir Moose doting on me. Jeryr said he had moped around while I was in hospital, but he was sure butt wags when I walked in the door.

Now why are we excited? Just before Christmas se said we were going to take him right after Christmas and get his nails clipped. Then I was in hospital and I told Jerry to wait til Iwas home. We took him in the morning after I got out and here is the excitement. He haed put on 10 pounds since the first of Nov. He was diagnosed almost a year ago with liver disease, wouldn't eat the hepatic food, just kept dropping weight, showed little interest in things and we decided quality was better than quantity of live and I started cooking for him.

The first few months he didn't eat a lot, but stopped losing weight. Then e found a kibble he LOVES and he started eatin it rahten oatmeal most mornings, an put in a little with us home cooked supper. He also wants snacks now. When we took him in the other day the receptionsts commented on how spunky and bouncy he was. The first of Nov. he was 78 pounds, the other day 88. It thrilled our hearst thathe had put on that much weight. He was 115 when we adopted him a little over 3 years ago. He is 10 1/2 and our vet at said for his age, etc, 95 pounds would be a good weight. He loves to eat, loves to be in kitchen when we cook for him, loves letting all the dogs in town know he is the most handsome, the smartest, the most loved and the most spoiled dog around. We know things can turn around, but yes, we are so excited for how well he is doing at the monemnt, how much he is loving life and living I to the fullest.