Hi everyone. I'm new to the board & had a question about our new pup, our 1st great pyrenees! We've had Chloe just over a month (she will be 4 months on the 12th) & we noticed she will only pee a small amount, but many times. She drinks a lot & always has access to water (we have 3 water bowls down in different rooms), but her urine is sometimes very dark yellow.
I had the vet check a urine sample today & when they called back, they said something about crystals in her urine & scheduled an appt for tomorrow morning to check for bladder stones. This is all new to me & I hate to google anything like this, so.....finally my question. LoL
Is this something common? Easily treatable? What should I expect at the appt? Are there usually crystals in the urine w/ a common UTI?

Sry for the questions We have a deaf shih-tzu (Lucy), a cleft palate Chihuahua (Daisy) & I run a small wildlife rehab but i've not had any experience with this. Any help would be so appreciated!!
Thanks so much!