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    Default New to Pyr life - Rescued 5 year old Pyr this week: thoughts on skin condition?

    Hi All,

    We recently adopted a 5 year old Pyr this week and brought him into our home with our Labrador and two cats.

    So far no behaviour problems (aside from barking &#128533 but we couldnít get him in to our vet this week and Iím noticing several very concerning lesions on him.

    Iím fairly certain he has fleas 90%. He is biting areas very aggressively and while parting his fur looking for signs Iíve noticed quite a few black almost scab like lesions on him. Iím attaching some photos to see if this looks familiar.

    Iíve dressed his wound with sterile gauze and antibiotic cream and our vet suggested we give him benedryl until she sees him next week.

    Any thoughts on the best course of action in the meantime? Pet store brand flea meds? Flea bath? Will the open wounds burn if I did bathe him?

    Help!!Click image for larger version. 

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    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! And WELCOME!!!

    His skin looks irritated. It shouldn't be that pink. Also, all those spots on his belly, it suggests possible exposure to allergen for some time. The pyrs do come with spots on their skin, but he has a lot of them on the belly and sometimes that is a result of allergies.

    I think maybe oatmeal shampoo as that's more gentle on the skin...

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    Welcome to the forums and thank you for rescuing a pyrenees. My girl is also a rescue. To me it looks like hot spots which can be caused by allergy or from being wet and not drying properly. Even if he does have fleas, I would wait and get an oral flea medication from the vet. Anything topical would be very irritating to him. Especially store bought flea shampoos and sprays. I would be hesitant to bathe him at all if NFLD is experiencing the deep freeze that we are getting in Ontario. Unless you have a cage dryer, a pyrenees takes forever to dry.

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