I lost my best friend, Cubby, a Pyr mix, on Sept 1st. He lived a wonderful life, and my wife and I adopted him together when we were 18 yrs old. He had the big 3. Arthritis, Congestive Heart Failure, and Cancer. He didn't let the first two slow him down. The cancer hit like a hurricane. Subcutaneous (or was it cutaneous im not a vet)Metastatic lymphoma. There was one tumor, within days they moved quickly surfacing all over. He wasn't in pain, and between all his conditions, an apocalyptic seizure after 4 weeks of the cancer winning, and we made the decision. He never had a bad day. And he was too proud to tell me if he did. By the time we reached the ER vet, it was status epilepticus. He wasnt going to come back from it. It makes me sick to think I could have taken even one more good day away from him. The guilt still overwhelms me. We knew his last few years he must have been a Pyr. The soulful eyes and knowing looks had me from the start. I was at a shelter in Chattanooga, TN. We were looking for a Lab. We walked by him without notice a few times. He didn't get up, just sat on his bed in a wet, COLD kennel. Not my choice. He didn't seem happy. My wife said "what about him?". Foolishly the wife opened and entered. Still no reaction. She squatted down next to him. He raised his head, and rested it on her knee. And that was that. I visited every day until he was cleared to come home. The guy cheated death no less than 4 times. Stubborn. Brilliant, but he ran things on his time-a hallmark of the breed I am told. Voice control? Ha. Hell no. Not Cubby. His world, I just paid for it. I held on for dear life as he headed to rainbow bridge. Fast forward 3 months. I adopted a 50lb Doberman mix (maybe?). She was predicted to be big. 100lbs. Well, they will tell you what they want to hear to adopt out a dog. Regardless. She fit in fast. Gleeful play ensued. My 6 yr old tank of a hound dog loved it. She hasn't been doing well without her wise, calm leader. The "fooled ya!" Dog, Olive, helped a little. But still missed my guy. Then, few weeks a Pyr in some distress hit Facebook, minutes away. Beautiful. A female. I was impressed when I met her. Only 7 months, and a tank already. About 70lbs. The list of wrongs done to her ran from minor to egregious ignorance: tied to a pole. Bad neighborhood. The people that were meth'd out would take her food and throw it in street. Fed Kibbles and trash, I mean bits. Her spirit was I dominance. Humans didn't break her trust to excess and to detriment. She was eager for attention. 12 hours later she was home. Matted fur and all. She had never been inside. Door frames were mortal enemies. Actual doors? Yeah right. Stairs? What are those. By 18 hours later, she had her first ever play time with another dog. Her clumsiness belied that she hadn't met another dog before. Aggressive I thought. Her first meet will be aggressive. Nope. A doll. Just a flipping sweetheart. Her same age sis, the fooled ya baby initiated and, well...peas and carrots Forrest Gump would say. Instant best friends. So for the last few weeks I have read content on this page, arming myself to handle the real article: a great Pyrenees full need. I appreciate this site and forum. I felt it time to post and say hello from me and Queen Danaerys. Having those thoughtful eyes peering some time causes my heart to tinge, remembering my friend, Cubby. But mostly I see a beautiful dog, with tree trunk for legs, and a gentle demeanor. She sops up love like a sponge with water. I've noticed her late security check in and outside the house; the flip of the dog door at night is my reminder that the Queen is on patrol, keeping tabs on all the heartbeats in the house. I'm in love. She had me from the start, even when terrified to enter her new home because of the obviously dangerous and foreign front door She now snoozes in front of the fireplace inbetween watch duties. I have some questions if you can indulge me a few. Apologies if the forum section is not correct for this post. Dani was 70lbs that first day. My vet thought her scale was broken. Probably just not enough of the right food. Is 7/8 months and 70lbs average? She seems taller than day 1 already. How concerned and careful should I be to avoid a twisted stomach? I worry about that. Her matted coat: shave now or when coat blows in Spring? Or avoid shaving at all costs? How far down on her coat should we go if yes? She is an adept chewer. Any favorite stimulation for her while I am out at work? The dog door is left open for her to be outside when she pleases. Any other major faux paws? Lol Thanks in advance for any help. And thank you for having me. Danaerys and I are grateful for this site and forum. Lastly, it's great to have a new Big fluffy! Sorry if this thread was all over the place and sorry for auto correct on phone.