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    Default Sikr Moose Christmas Cards

    I have been on a golden retriever forum since Sept. 2005. At one time I was on SIX, but 5 have shut down as people stopped coming--all went to posting on FACEBOOK. But this one is still going strong. Each year those of us who opt to exchange Christmas cards. We have it listed as US only, CANADA only, or Internationally where we send to all who sign up. Have 24 of us doing it this year. Of the 24, 17 are USA, 4 Canada, one France, 1 England and 1 Singapore.

    I lost my last golden, Sophie Oct. last year, but still visit the forum often . Matter of fact, nobody who posts there has been there longer than me. I am the oldest membership wise and age wise who posts. It is divided into all kinds of sections from general, health, feed, training, seniors, puppies, S&R, jokes & quizzes, chat (off leash), Rainbow Bridge, etc, and one is for any pets other than goldens--other breeds of dogs, cats, horses, whatever pet. I post a lot about Sir Moose there and sometimes in other sections. Like his liver disease in the health as it can affect any dog. One has Newfies as well as golden and she does the same thing. Anyway, everyone loves reading about Sir Moose. So, while others have their goldens on their cards to exchange, we have Sir Moose.Click image for larger version. 

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    Jerry and Moose

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    What a beautiful card! Sir Moose is as handsome as ever!
    Sebastian is on Facebook!

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    That is a beautiful card...Sir Moose has a presence about regal!! ( I'm sure he thinks so too!)

    Glad that you continue to stay on the Golden site...and I hope that you will continue to stay on this site for a long time....Sir Moose too!

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