Our Sir Moose has to be the most popular dog in our little town! We can be in the little town grocery store, or in the larger one in the next town, in Walmart in next town, in Lowes, and almost without fail someone comes up and says "Where is your big white dog" or "where is Sir Moose? I haven't seen you walking the past couple of days." It seems everyone knows HIS name, but forgets ours! At church people come up and say "I saw you and Moose walking the other day but you were past the hosue before I saw y ou". It is just amazing. Everyone wants to come out and pet on him.

one lady that goes to our church lives in a house that Jerry and Sir Moose pass on two of their different walk routes--Jerry always lets Sir Moose where he wants to go. Judy has a big yellow cat named Yellow Cat and comes running to greet Sir Moose ever time he Sees Sir Moose coming. He just rubs against his legs, purring. Two days ago another cat came that Jerry had not seen before. This morning Judy saw Jerry and Sir Moose coming, grabbed s treat for him (she keeps treats for Sir Moose but only gives him one) and the cat came out to greet Sir Moose. Judy was floored. She said the cat was named Lemonade and belonged to her neighbor and didn't like dogs at all. She couldn't believe he came right up to Sir Moose. Our boy is SOME boy!