It seems to me that with Apollo if its not one thing its a dozen! Same with Roxy. Not sure what has happened, but all of a sudden Roxy is horribly itchy, like ALL THE TIME!!!! Her belly seems to be a big issue, and she is constantly itching. It's not flea's, she is treated for those, and Apollo is not itchy, so its something unique to her. Apollo's issue is matting. Now I will admit, I do not pay as much attention to his coat as I should, but it seems like mats are popping up practically overnight. I really need to bath him but with the mats I can't. So in an endeavor to help get him mat free and her itch free I bought a product called Cowboy Magic, its actually for horses, but it had great reviews from people using it on dogs and it is supposed to help both itching and matting with the added bonus of shine and smell good.

So now I need to find out is there a shampoo and conditioner that will help keep him from getting these mats? I have not seen the vet about Roxies itching yet, we have added coconut oil to their food and went back to limited ingredient first to see if maybe It is an allergy type issue. I am leaning towards an Oatmeal and aloe shampoo as I know it will help with Roxies constant digging at herself, but not so sure its what Apollo needs to help me keep the mats off him. For reference I am using a double undercoat rake, The teal colored flexible slicker from master grooming tools and a short mat remover from safari, all of which have been suggested here before. I hate to even admit this but I have only been brushing them about once a month and have decided that once a week would be far better considering my current problem. I used the cowboy magic today, Roxy so far is not constantly itching and I did manage to get most of the mats off Apollo, however he had had enough of the grooming and I decided to give him a break and will work on the last mat more a little later on.

He doesn't much like baths, brushing or raking so I do have to be somewhat careful considering his bad attitude. He snapped at me pretty bad a few months ago over being brushed so now I watch for ques and stop before he gets to that point.