Part 1 of 2
Hi everyone. Today is my last post. I have cried for about 15 hours straight. Last night my girls and I were laying on our couches watching TV. I was reading Zech's mom thread loving every word. I was imagining my boy and how he's grown. I was watching him lay on our living room floor sleeping thinking about how far he's come and how proud of him I was.....and then it happened. My eldest daughter was sitting near him and she stretched out her leg and it brushed by him. He went nuts. Instantly snarling and growling and very much in defense mode. Teeth baring. My daughter froze and looked at me. I grabbed Baileys leash and said "move your foot again" this time his response was 10 times worse. I needed to see what his reaction was going to be. My oldest is big enough to understand what I was doing and very much involved in his training and care. I needed the reaction to be with her and not my toddler. I quickly pulled him away and he continued to snarl and growl and quite aggressively bark. I put him in his kennel. He never broke her skin but the threat was extremely real and very frightening for all of us.

I should have seen it coming and a part of me did. Earlier in the day Bailey went for a play date with our trainer and I think he ran too hard. He was sore and miserable all day. I know he's coming into adolescence and he's getting to be a bit of a jerk sometimes but that's all I thought it was. He actually started guarding his bed (not his kennel) and yesterday if I walked by him he would bark and snarl and get himself all worked up. I know he's in pain . I had taken him to the vet earlier and his hips are progressively getting worse. He hasn't had any luck with pain medication as he has a terrible reaction to almost everything we give him.