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    Default Almost 2yr Growling at Our New 9wk Puppy

    Hi all, we just brought home our 9wk male Atticus yesterday but I am a bit concerned. We have a 7yr female shiz tus and an almost 2yr female pry Nakita.
    I posted a while back when Nakita had been growling and showing some food aggression; we followed the advice given and now feed her in her kennel and the Morgan in another room (we also stoped buying raw hides).
    Nakita is a bit shy and seemed fine with the puppy other than running if the puppy approached her too quickly or snuck up on her.
    On the way home from getting the puppy we stopped to buy the food the breeder had been feeding the puppy. My wife was in the back seat with the puppy and the food was near them and Nakita and we heard her growl. So I stopped the car put the food towards the back of the car and had my wife and the puppy moved up front - no other issues for the car ride.
    We had tried to feed the puppy in our bathroom this morning and didn't realize that the nylon bone we bought as actually "made with rawhide". So when Nakita joined us after the puppy finished eating she was growling and we figured out that it was the nylon bone toy because Nakita was growling at the puppy when the puppy approached towards her as she stood near the dresser where the bone was. We kenneled Nakita and threw the bone away outside, after a few minutes we had Nakita come back into the room and she was fine. We even went out back because Nakita began to rabbit run and do the play bow. Outside Nakita was agian trying to play with the puppy and trying to get him to play chase. (As a side note...In fact I think she was so excited Nakita probably torn her other ACL in the process.)
    Later we were in the living room and Nakita growled at the puppy when he approached her laying. I wasnt sure if it was because of an antler or maybe she was surprised? She has never showed guarding with the antlers but I put them up and allowed them to rest in different rooms.
    Later when Nakita woke from her nap she must have forgotten we had the puppy because she was approxhed him barking until she could sniff him then was fine.
    Now the puppy is laying next to Nakita's bed, slowly taking different toys laying near her but other than acting like she doesn't want him to touch her she is fine.

    We just went out to buy a kennel for the puppy and had planned to also feed the puppy in his own kennel at the same time as we feed the other two.
    Is this just food guarding and Nakita adjusting to the puppy? Advice?

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    congrats on bringing Atticus home....

    my personal thought....Nakita is getting used to having another room mate....and her growling is her way of saying "take it slow kid, I'm not sure about you yet" Atticus should "understand" her language

    however, you taking all the things that trigger Nakita's resource guarding is a very good idea

    I would say it would normally take my adult dogs at least a month to accept a puppy...and teach it proper manners around an adult

    let us know how things progress

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    An adult dog growling at a new pup can be pretty normal. Some dogs just take a while to warm up to their new housemate. That being said, since you have a dog with a known resource-guarding issue, you want to be sure you don't have anything around that will trigger resource guarding in Nakita. Adult dogs will correct a pup for bratty behavior and help teach them manners. This can sound scary sometimes but is a normal part of puppy learning to be a well-adjusted member of a doggy family. However, a dog that corrects a puppy over a resource guarding issue can be very serious and the puppy can end up hurt. The resource guarding triggers an inappropriate response and the adult does not use the same inhibition they normally would when dealing with a baby.

    I had two resource guarding adults when I brought Ru home. I made the decision to have no toys out anywhere except in Ru's private kennel where no other dogs could go. When I played puppy games with Ru, this was done separately from the other dogs. This may sound extreme but you can't reason with resource guarding and I wanted to be sure that it would not be triggered and cloud the relationship of Ru and the older dogs. I would do it this way all over again if I had a resource guarder and a new puppy. RG is so much easier to prevent than cure...

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