We bought our Pyr about 2 years ago, and he is the bestest puppas in the world
(I know you think that about your puppies too but I'm not convinced) hee hee

Ok so I have worn out my first set of brushes with my pyr, he has a little Marima in him too so I find his whole coat is REALLY long about 10+ inches in most places and often finer than most pyrs, he is also softer then any pyr ever seen like he is still a puppy (which may be the case)

his undercoat is thick but VERY VERY fine hairs super soft, and his outside coat is almost wispy and thin. And of course sensitive skin!

I hate to cut his coat, if I even trim the outside just a little, he breaks out in a rash for days(not allergy just irritation for his skin). So cutting and matting brushes are not ideal I find.

So instead I detangle... ugg...but I understand its better so ok im in!

He doesn't really matt too badly, just behind his ears where the fur curls.

However I don't know how to help him get out the excess undercoat out while he is blowing his coat, the rest of the year its fine.
The excess causes him hot spots and he will rub his nooks and crannies till they are raw if I cant get it out, however I havent found out a good way to remove this without a matting brush designed to cut, which also doesn't help his skin...

*Note he doesn't matt much because he is mostly an indoor dog and is brushed daily because its his fav thing...

However the real problem starts twice a year, when he blows his coat, (I can sit for hours and hours picking it out with my own comb but the eventually it broke after his first thigh was done) but it still doesn't separate the hair coming out with the new hair coming in.

I guess I need something designed to pull out excess hair without cutting out mats for super long and fine fur... because between his itching and my now cotton ball covered floors.

I have tried:
Matting brushes such as but not limited to the furminator, oster brush, combs, slickers, pin brushes... and I'm back here.

Mostly I just don't want him to have hot spots, the vet says they are not bad, and gave me a topical spray, but unless he gets brushed all day long, I'll never get the hair out to stop irritating his skin, and its not bad but I mean who wants to itch like hell? I know I wouldn't.