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    Default Hard to calm

    I have a 7 month old pyr and when he gets excited he is so hard to calm down. He constantly wants to get up on me when I'm on the chair. I don't want to always seem so harsh reprimanding him. Any ideas?
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    7 months is when I started having problems with my Kit. She is now 10 months. I found that having her run around outside with his big brother helped tremendously. I would say if you have no other dogs, you can try the dog park or day care.
    Some other ideas:
    1. Brain games- Nina Ottoson's toys, Kong wobbler,
    2. frozen kong or Yak Cheese- chewing something helps with the energy
    3. playing rope tuggy- Kit's favorite game.
    4. obedience- this actually takes a lot of energy out of them. It is also good to learn to be well mannered.
    If I ignored Kit, she would come over and paw at me or bark. If she barks, I use a squirt bottle. Sometimes, the water excites her but it has worked wonders lately. I had originally used a waterbottle when she was very small and she didn't respond so I stopped using it. Now, I know to not give up.

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