Sir Moose amazes me. Sometimes he doesn't seem to act totally like a Pyr. Our street is a skinny u shaped street with no side streets, There are 25 houses on our entire street. We are on the first bend and that puts us with a pie slice shaped lot. Linda's entire back yard is up to ours, and half of Mark and Kim's back yard is up to ours. That half is actually a 2ed lot --previous owners had bought two lots and put house on one and kept the other empty for whatever he wanted there--had an above ground pool at one point. Well, Harvey took down the fences. Mark got h is up. We knew we couldn't' really do anything about Linda'sand waited and waited, bu nothing was done. Her yard was full of downed live oak limbs as well as knee high grass.

Finally Jerry went around to ask her if her insurance had been out and if they were going to put the fence up. She snapped back that her insurance wouldn't pay for the fence and she couldn't afford to put it up. She had spent $300 repairing it over the last couple of years and just couldn't afford more. She use to foster for thelocal rescue and would have up to a dozen dogs there. They would dig under the fence and I placed those flat 8X16 stones along there so they couldn't' get into my yard. Then they started clawing and chewing on the bottom of the fence. She got 2X8 foot pieces of plywood and nailed them up along the bottom to cover the holes the dogs had chewed.

Well, we have to have a fence. So it is up to us. Meanwhile, we have to take Sir Moose out on a leash every time he needs to go out. He insists on patrolling the entire yard on his 10:30 PM (last of the day) potty outing. His leash is a 6 foot on and loose. He goes around the yard and has never tried to go into marks yard beforehe got the fence up, nor into Linda's. It is like he knows exactly where his property ends. He will stand there and "wind" towards her yard and those dogs will be yipping and he never crosses into her yard. Oh, she has 3 dogs left. She had part ofher yard fenced in with chain link and concert poured and had small wire kennels for some of the fosters that had to be kept apart. Now she has to keep her dogs in there because of no fence.

You would think that Sir Moose would venture into her yard to check it out, but he stands there right at the edge of ou ryard, with loose leash (I mean I have it in my hand, but it is never tight, in fact, often he gets it between his front legs because it is so loose. I am so proud of him.

Oh, gotta tell you. Sicne we hav to put the fence up, our oldest son & 18 year old grandson came over and they drug the downed sections and snapped posts over and piled them on top of Linda's side fence that is down. They als moved a lot of the limbs into a pile and Jerry started weed eating that tall grass til it ran out of power. Charged it up and did more late that afternoon. Next morning I helped him move more limbs and even racked and picked up some stuff. He finained doing all the yard he could get to around the piles of limbs. She came out and sat down in a chair she had out back in that dog pen and said something about needing a new roof. I went over and started talking to her and Jerry came over to rest a minute. She was going on about needing a hip replacement and nothaving anyone to help her, only people down here was her 91 yar old mother and 92 year old step father, both in nursing home, etc, ec. And neer one word of thanks for all we had done to help her. I mean, we both hae bad hearts, Jerry had lower bck and neck surgery and has lots of back trouble still. I get out of breath in short order. We both tire fast. He has rheumatoid arthritis in his feet so bad they are deformed. "About all he can wear is snadals and Crocs. Uses a cane for balance. But we were doing all that to help her out and she couldn't even say thanks. Made him so mad he said he isn't doing another thing in her yard. We are going to get the fence up and that is it...andit is for usnot her as she will won't hve that side fence up.