Lacey is now 33 months old. I written about her before as being the shy and fearful dog of people. Well, I wish she would be afraid of rabbits, mice and chipmunks. As for the humans, she still keeps her distance, but there isn't the intense panic anymore (at least not always). Medication has helped (Cloripramine and L-theanine).

Back in January, she caught a rabbit that got into her fenced-in area. She killed it and ate most of it before I found her with it. Then in early summer, she did it again and later again, along with a couple of mice. These "snacks" were in outside of her fenced-in area, but still within the fence around the farm (don't worry, she is not loose).

The day before yesterday and yesterday, she found 2 or 3 bunnies in their nests in the large areas. I chased her back in and she buried the one in her yard. I got her away from it and disposed of it. But based on evidence in the field she may have eaten one before I caught her. Yesterday, the same thing. But I don't know if she ate it as I was nearby and suddenly it was gone - maybe she swallowed it whole. I was trying to get her with "come" and "drop it" being as useless as with other Pyrs. My brother got involved and threw a large bamboo stick at her and she ran back to the house and he continued to slap the stick on the deck. She was so scared and came into the house and went into her crate and then beside me on the couch. I was not happy with her prey kills, but I was more unhappy with how it was handled. I cried all night and on the way to work. I even had thoughts of getting rid of her to avoid the conflict (stupid I know). He also tells me that she is a wild dog and a killer and nothing like my last Pyr. But he does help take care of her, like making her lunch everyday and giving her neck scratches and hanging out with him outside.

I don't like her catching things, and I've accepted that it will happen and then she gets her dewormer monthly. On the off chance, is there anything anyone could suggest to try to stop her from hunting prey? I have been ordered to make her stay in her smaller fenced in area when she is outside so she can't get anything.

She is a lovely dog - sweet and gentle. As whole and doesn't do anything bad - no destruction in the house, only barks outside, and I love her intensely. She is even pretty good at coming back when I call, unless prey is involved.