With fences down, Sir Moose has to be taken out on leash to do his business. And he still insists on checking out the whole yard. He is always extremely interested in the wood pile as he has gotten possums out of it a couple of times. It is up against the 3 sections of fence that are still remaining on the side--the last 3 sections we put up. Guess we did a good job.

Well, had him out about 10:30 last night and he did his business and then headed down to that wood pile and started sniffing on it, sticking his nose in it, ec. I could tell by his action tht something ws either in it or had been a short time before.l He used his left front foot to move a piece of wood--and then didn't put his foot back down. He didn't help or whine, but just didn't put tht foot down. Had the leash in one hand, flash light in other. Shined the light and saw his foot was bent and my first thought was he had somehow gotten his knee out of joint. I was in a panic, but he was just hobbling on 3 legs still sniffing the wood pile.

As I felt along his leg I found the problem. His dew claw had gotten caught in the ring that attaches his Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue tag to his collar. Now, he is suppose to always wear that tag. I have it, his ID tag and rabies tab on that collar which is not the collar we attach leash to. The collar we have his leash on is only used when we use the leash. The other color is just for ID purpose. It had never crossed my jind he could get a nail caught in that ring.

It scared the pudding out of me til I found out the trouble, but he is so calm and laid bad he acted like he didn't even notice, just interested in that wood pile.