To get yellow stains out of coat use Cowboy Magic Yellow spot remover, whitening shampoo, typically used for horses. I use the garden hose hooked up to my bathtub and adjust the water so it is not cold but not hot either, and give my dog a bath outside on the sidewalk. I do use a waterer that has various adjustments. I use the "soaker" adjustment when giving her a bath. After the dog is wet, work shampoo in all over and leave it in for at least 15 minutes. Rinse off well. Use Cowboy Magic detangler and shine. It will soften the fur and leave it easy to brush as dog dries. In the event that you are unable to bath the dog in water for whatever reason then use the Cowboy Magic Green Spot remover that requires no water.

We are ranchers and raise horses too. The products I have mentioned we have used on our horses for years for shows and competitions. They really work well. After our LGD has her bath she is so beautiful, white and fluffy. You can find the above mentioned products at a tack or western store.