Lately I have noticed my Daisy is turning into a bit of a Sunflower. By that I mean, her hair is turning yellowed, especially along her back and sides. Her pantaloons, face, and tail are still white with grey patches like they've always been, and her stomach is still white. But her sides and back have started to turn kind of yellow. People are always surprised when I tell them she's a purebred dog because her coloration is so off. I'm not upset or anything about not having a white-as-snow dog, I just want to ask if anyone knows a possible reason her fur is doing this? She's about 4 now, and her fur has been getting progressively more yellow over the past year or so. I wash her with flea shampoo during the summer months and puppy shampoo during winter months because she's got fairly dry, sensitive skin. She uses a coconut oil based conditioner every time she gets a bath to help with the dry skin issue. She does like to roll in the grass a lot (I've found grass stains on her face before!), could that be the cause of it?