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    Default Housebreaking Revisited

    Kit had a UTI and a kidney infection. She is being treated and is also getting better. She has been given a trough of water.... literally I had purchased the largest bin I can fit into the livingroom and she was drinking gallons a day. The vet said to encourage her drinking and the more the better. Now that she is on a few weeks of antibiotics, she is peeing less and drinking less but gotten into the habit of peeing by the front door. It is currently around 6 am as I am writing this and I just stepped in another giant puddle of pee as I tried to navigate my way to the bathroom in the dark. We take her out about two to three times per day but maybe it isn't enough anymore. I told my husband that we should steam mop the floor with nature's miracle to kill the enzymes but he said not to bother until she is done with her full month long antibiotic treatment. He believes we just need to walk her more. I think the smell is leading her back to peeing in the same familiar place. We have been using lysol all purpose cleaner becuase we have plenty of it.

    Kit is putting the pee in my PTSD because her puddles are massive and a recent puddle flowed downhill and flooded our storage/ utility closet :sad:.. and I just looked over my shoulder just now and there is a pile of poo in the kitchen. That was not there since I started typing away a paragraph ago. Uhhh better clean this up before someone find it with their feet. I've definitely been there before. You are walking happily into the kitchen to get a guilty pleasure snack until you find something cold and squishy with your feet. It REALLY kills one's appetite. I think this is the doodle and I've been cooking him stomach friendly sweet potato - liver treats. I think Lucky is fine. I simply forgot to let him out prior to writing this post. My husband is typically up before me and the first thing he does is take Lucky out for a walk. The poop is thankfully solid.

    Can someone give me some advice on how to fix this? Should I do a black light search? Or would I be horrified at what I will find? I think we need to revisit housebreaking because Kit has gotten into a bad habbit. I hope the others are not learning from her.

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    I had this problem after Sebastian's extended UTI. Although it was years ago, the wounds still feel fresh.

    I think that taking her out more and doing the black light search are both wonderful ideas. I was back to the puppy schedule with Sebastian during the waking hours - once every one to two hours. I would also consider trying a new enzymatic cleaner. I made my rounds through several, and the one I like the best is called Simple Green Bio Dog. I found it at Petco. I turned my sister onto it when her doodle had a bad UTI and was sneaking out of her bedroom to pee on her expensive couches in the middle of the night. She thought i was a sorceress.

    Failing those things, I would restrict her access to that spot when she can't be supervised. Sebastian's "spot" was the second floor of our apartment at the time. I had to put a baby gate at the top of the stairs (the gate was originally at the bottom of the stairs, but he figured out how to bypass that by squeezing through the railing).

    Once he decided that being potty trained was a good thing, though, he has really stuck with it. We are coming up on four years since the last time he's peed inside. He has discovered that it's waaaaaaaay more fun to wake me up in the middle of the night when it's an emergency. The boy knows how to persist!
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    I second upping the number of trips outside for Kit. My Ru has recently been on antibiotics, is now on steroids and as well as a very strong anti-fungal medication. I learned a couple years ago that anytime one of them was sick or undergoing any type of treatment, it was safer to put them back on a puppy type potty schedule than to expect them to be 100% solid with house training when the medication may be messing things up from within. My three were trained to potty on command so it makes it a bit easier to take them out and say the magic word to produce results

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