I have way too much typing to do to tell the whole story right now but I cannot thank this site enough for all the learning I've done in the last 3 days...
It's hard to see some red flags when you are pyr blind....

I am wondering if anyone can help me gauge how old he may be?

This is Zechariah they said he was 8 weeks and full pyr but I think he was just weaned and is younger than that. We were told they had given him his first round of shots and he'd been dewormed. He was very clean, well adjusted to the car and being handled, very healthy just so young...
His eyes are still very blue brown, and his wiggly, slightly unsteady puppy pouncing, how far he can focus/see etc.. makes me feel he is younger.
We got him Saturday 7/15 afternoon.
He tried eating the puppychow they said he was on and literally did not chew any of it, and vomited it all out and then had watery diarrhea, and By Sunday night he was 5.5lbs! I did not weigh him Saturday night... but maybe lost .5 lb?
This afternoon he is 6.25lbs and his stool is thick pudding, after moistening his food now with a touch of boiled chix, mashed potato and plain noodles as a small topping, he is eating good and drinking great ( has since day one) and eliminating right on schedule, everytime he wakes up from sleep, after playing hard and after eating.
That said he is the calmest sweetest most amazing little guy, He's VERY SMART I am going to have my hands full.
We have a vet appointment scheduled Friday AM.

I think he is 6weeks maybe a little more?

I am so I'm love..... here is a video from Saturday when he got home
https://www.facebook.com/lori.billen...&theater<br />

And today at work with me.... I am so done for every time I see that face....
My whole spirit has renewed with him. I lost my bern/pyr to torsion at a young 71/2 years he was healthy and happy
He left a hole that would not heal, until now....
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Cheers I and I hope to meet many of you and your pups as we grow!!!
Zech's Mom