To all my Pyr Family Hugs and Blessings You are all in my heart!
It's been crazy keeping up with Denver's economy and a small business but we are making it work

Zech turned 2 on May 24th... He's been between 90 and 100 lbs

Our landlady ( a vet herself) laughed when I told her I did the genetic thing...
She showed me images of pups and "results" she keeps and it was all too too funny.
She thinks that Zee is more sight hound/hound than shepherd but it's there too....

The only thing anyone agrees on is he is pyrenees most...
OMG guys his tail is a PLUME I am still waiting to figure out his coat.
He stands 31" at shoulder..
He can walk up to the Dining room table and rest his head down on it!
Sorry they are sideways... Off to work again..
Cheers Hugs and Paws!

THANK GOD we have been working on Manners since he was 10lbs LOLOL
I owe all of you more but for today and with ALL MY PRAYERS AND BLESSINGS for all our members and there beautiful pups... a couple 2 yr old Zech pics...

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