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    Jewel he's good at it LOL
    but I had less fun when he dug it up and gave me a muddy bone and mouth while I was working on the computer.

    He was 75lbs on his 8 month "birthday" and I think finally slowing down his legs are just so long....he needs a bigger head too his teeth have no more room. I think he's the best dog in the world and a normal 8mos puppy. we have started leaving him alone at home longer now a couple hours at a time with kodi and he's done GREAT. but like a puppy, he stole a sofa pillow from the floor when dad fell asleep watching tv and ripped the cover off of it , killed the cover. He like to steal dirty socks if he can find them on the floor too....
    I busted him walking by me with one and he gave me those guilty eyes and just dropped the sock, I took all the fun out of it catching him GRIN. his leash walking is going well but he sometimes gets too excited and tries to eat my leg and foot.
    He's a goofball and I am so in love with him...
    Here he is being zech at the dog park!

    And I love how tired he gets.... But Now he REALLY needs a bath...
    his coat is so crazy, he has sections of hair that cover my finger to the knuckles and then some so short it barely cover my fingernail!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I love watching him run and have fun with his friends!

    He is so precious!
    Sebastian is on Facebook!

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