This morning about 8:15 I went into my one flower bed that has a ton of Japanese Fern under the bay windows. There was a lot of dead in it that needed to come out so new could sprout. So I was putting out the dead, reaching under the many fronds when I felt a sharp sting on my hand. Yanked my hand out and saw two tiny blood spots about 12 inch or less apart. I have seen snake bites on dogs so I knew what it was.

Several years ago I killed two coral snakes in the yard (put a year apart) but I was pretty sure it was not a coral as they need to bite fingers, etc and more or less chew. But also, my golden boy Buick was hit in the face by a rattle snake out there in the back yard, and a couple of weeks later neighbor's dog was hit in chest and the snake had been hiding in an old wooden shed that had blown down in a storm and they were removing it. We figure it was the same one that got Buck.

Only poison snakes I know of around here are rattle snakes, copperheads and coral. Wasn't a coral, I was sure, could have been one of the other two.

So happened Jerry was out walking Sir Moose and I was so scared I called 911 and they sent EMS out at once. I had told them I have a pacemaker, my heart doesn't work without it, I am in lower end stage 3 kidney failure and diabetic, so I was really worried.

When they got her, looked at my hand and said yes, snake bite, had I seen it. No. They were examining my hand when Jerry rushed in. He had started up the street and seen the ambulance in front of the house. Every time we have ewer called one, one of us ended up in hospital.

Jerry and one EMS guy went out and beat all around and looked all around but found no snake. Said it had probably skeedaddled after biting me. I had no swelling nor redness, tho it did hurt a little. We decided it was just a harmless snake I had scared and I said I didn't want to go to hospital. They told me to keep an eye on it and if any redness or discoloration or swelling appeared, get to the hospital..

I truthfully felt like a fool for calling 011, but I was here alone and had no idea what kind of snake it was. They told me I did exactly the right thing.