Kit is a really good dog and is generally really well behaved. She is 7 months old right now and we have trusted her to be free in the house and she does great! Her only issue is she has a weird water obsession and found her drinking out of the toilet. Ok. You are probably wondering why the title Beethoven. I suppose it could be any misbehaving movie dog but I always remember my childhood movie dog, who was Beethoven. Well we decided she was doing SO WELL she should have all the water she wants and a new liver treat. BIG MISTAKE!!

I was sitting on the sofa reading the evening news on my iPad and boom she pees all over the newly washed white sofa. I mean this was the largest puddle I've ever seen any dog release. The cushion is completely soaked and there is a lake next to the sofa. Then she freaks out and heads to the door and have a massive diarrhea on the new carpet. To make things worse she freaked out and started running around the house while having the diarrhea. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Well at least she didn't roll in it. I said to my husband that at least she makes our lives very interesting with lots of great memories.