Hello guys! I got a roomb 980 after selling my 545 pet version. The new roombas are amazing! I had to really think long and hard before plunking down the cash for this roomba. I waited until Black Friday at Bed Bath and Beyond! I initially purchased the 960 and was so impressed by it that I upgraded to the 980. The 980 is much stronger than 960. It cost a lot more but the suction power is similar to my V6 dyson. For this reason, it works especially well on carpet.
It is very useful if you have a prodigious shedder like a pyrenees. The only thing is to run it while you are at home. Kit had an accident a few days ago (unfortunately no 2) and the roomba dragged it around the house. Let's just say it was not a pretty picture. I am happy with the 980 because I don't need to vacuum 2x a day.