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    Default A Real Heart Breaker

    On the TGPR group on FB, someone posted the article about a 13 year old female Great Pyr who had been turned in to a pound or shelter because she was "to old and feeble". It didn't give an exact location but did say it was such and such Parish, so I am assuming it must be in Louisiana as they have parishes, not counties over there. The article said she just lay there trembling, so scared. Was an number to use if you wanted her. The person that posted it was trying to get someone to go get her.

    Can you believe anyone dumping their dog becaue it was old and feeble? I have seen this to many times in news letter I get from a couple of golden retriever rescues I hae donated for years. The story that really struck me was two were turned in, a father and son, ages 15 and 13, for the reason the Pyr was turned in. This was several years ago and ithas haunted me all this time.

    I don't under stand people who do this. I grew up with English setters and pointers as we were quail hunters. In the spring of 1947 my dad had two pointers, Ketcho and Maggie and a dctor gave him an English Setter puppy, son and grandson for field champions. Daddy didn't care about papers, just a good birddog and Mack turned into one of the best ever. He retrieved without even ruffling a feather on the quail, dead or alive, he never broke a set until Daddy fired, he never failed to ":back" another dog who was set or pointed, in his 15 years we never heard him growl at anything person or thing.

    When he was 10 we sold our little farm and were bought a little larger one. The guy that bought our place came in with a load of fence posts one day and ran over Mack sleeping in the dirt driveway, front and rear tires. Unbelieveable, but he suffered no broken bones, not bad internal injuries. HOWEVER from there on out fluid would collect aroundhsi stomach and ever 6 weeks or so Daddy would have to take him to the vet and have it drained. By the time he was 12, 13, his vision was getting bad, his hearing bad after all those year of having guns fired over his head. Daddy's brothers had bird dogs, but they often "borrowed" Mack to hunt with theirs as he was better than any other others. Sometimes he was hunte4d every single day during season between Daddy, his 2 brothers, his dad, a nephew. Lots of guns fired over him. Also by that age all his front teeth were worn down to numbs. Daddy soaked his Purina Dog Chow until nice and soft and hand fed him every bite.

    By the time he was 13-14 his arthritis was bad and he was stiff and he waddled around. YET he always knew when Daddy was going hunting. He would get up and waddle out to the car,old stiff tail wagging. Daddy had young dogs to hunt with, BUT he would put Old Mack (as we called him by then) into the car and take him to an area where the terrain wasn't not that rought and let him hunt for 25-30 minutes--and sometimes Old Mack actually a covey and Daddy would get a couple of the;m. Then he would bring Old Mack home, take him out of the car, the dog fellow would waddle out to his favorite nappy place and fall asleep, and I am sure he dreamed of the hunt he just had with his much loved master and friend. Daddy would then put the young dogs in the car and go where he haqd wanted to hunt.

    Daddy's brothers would chide him at wasting some of his hunting time taking Old Mack out an "iffy" but easy hunting area when he could be out where he was sure to find birds. Daddy told them that Mack had always been a loyal, devoted friend who had never let him down in any way, he was going to be just as a loyal and devoted friend and not let Old Mack down in any way. This has always stuck with him and because that man , my dear dad showed such love and devotion to his elderly dog, it just seems to me everyone should be like that. And I can't understand people who treat elderly pets like the person who dumped this Pyr, or the one who dumped those two old godlens.

    This is my Dad, taken in April 1947 with his two pointers and puppy Mack between his knees. Daddy has on baseball cleats so I assume he had just returned from or was going to workout--played on our country town team. That is his dad behind him. The other picture is old Mack at age 13 with Daddy's pointer, Lucky chewing burs out of Mack after a hunt. Not really burs but those little things that stick to you, Stick To Me Tights I call them. Lucky would actually chew out chunks of fur getting them out and Daddy accused us of cutting chunks of hair out Mack--til he saw Lucky doing this and got a picture. Would not be chewed all the way to the skin, but you could sure see what looked like someone had taken scissors and just cut there, there and yonder.

    Jerry and Moose

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    those of us who treat our dogs as family will never understand the heartlessness of others....

    all we can do is care for our family, and if possible...rescue the ones that need to know a tender touch and a gentle word...

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    Thank you for sharing your story about Mack. Reading about your family and Mack was the highlight of my day! Yes, our dogs are family. We know no other way

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